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CTCP/UV CTCP machine


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This series of machines with high degree of intelligence, high output efficiency, is a large printing plant and large output center preferred products:
1. Automatic line, improve work efficiency, save labor costs.
2. High power imported laser, can be applied to a variety of laser requirements of the plate.
3. Marble work platform to ensure that the machine in the case of long hours still maintain high precision and high stability of the operation.
4. The overall design of the device adopts a separate module design, to facilitate the upgrading of late equipment, replacement and maintenance.
5. The laser is used in a separate arrangement, can be a single laser for upgrading, replacement and maintenance.
6. Unique version and the next version of the structure can be a continuous version, saving plate-making time, the entire auxiliary time to complete within 30 seconds, thereby improving the plate-making efficiency.
7. The use of advanced AF system for different thickness and different brands of plates.
8. Light energy automatic balance, to ensure the consistency of the size of the spot to ensure that the output network evenly, solid and delicate.
9. Open process interface for any process.

ctcp machine

Tel:4008 323201


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